End-to-end encrypted
collaborative notes

Compose private notes, optionally share them with others and still stay in control who can access your data. All while having an excellent offline-first experience on all platforms.

Tablet editor view of Serenity Notes
Phone editor view of Serenity Notes

Seamless editing experience

  • Body text, Headlines, Lists

    The app offers simple but effective text formatting options.

  • Checklists

    With Checklists you can keep track of to-dos within your notes.

  • Media (coming soon)

    Add Images, Videos, and Attachments to enrich your notes.

Security & Privacy

By leveraging state of the art end-to-end encryption you get the control to decide who can access your data.

How is your data secured?
All notes are encrypted and a note can only be decrypted by the devices of its collaborators. In addition contact and device names are encrypted and can only be accessed by your devices. This means Serenity's servers can't decrypt any of your content. The servers only act as a transport service of encrypted data between devices.
What technology is used?
The encryption is based on the Double Ratchet Algorithm popularised by Signal. It uses the Olm and Megolm implementation which is powering the end-to-end encryption of the Matrix Protocol. Serenity's protocol is inspired by the Matrix protocol but optimized for shared data. More details on the protocol can be found in our technical documentation. The source code is Open Source and available on Github: iOS/Android/macOS clients and backend.

Compare Applications

Encryption comparison of various applications
ApplicationsEnd-to-end encryption between your devicesEnd-to-end encryption between collaborators
Serenity NotesYesYes
Apple NotesYes*No
Standard NotesYesNo
Google Docs/KeepNoNo

* Encrypt individual notes using a password

** Not encrypted by default, but can be set up

Sign up without an email, phone number or password

Sign up in seconds with just one click without the necessity of providing an email, phone number or password. The secret keys generated and stored on your device convert your device into the authentication mechanism with servers and collaborators.

Collaborate securely

Adding another contact only requires you to connect once by sending your contact an invitation code.

The video shows how a new contact is added and how an existing note is shared with the new contact. Furthermore the note is updated and synced to the contact's device.

Link multiple personal Devices

While it's important to collaborate with others, it's also very relevant to have your data available and securely synchronized across all your devices.

Multi-platform support


iPhone and iPad are supported

Download on the App Store


Phones and tablets are supported

Download on Google Play


Coming 2022

macOS Beta 0.5.0


Coming 2022


Coming 2022

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